Why is my Internet connection so slow?

by on August 27, 2011

Q: Why is my internet connection so slow? im downloading from the internet always between 12kbps and 80kbps… it just seams soooo slow… at my old house i was on the third floor and using my internal wireless card (a 802.11 b/g adaptor) and i could get like hundreds of mbps, sometimes going over 1k! It says the signal strength is “very good”, the speed is 54mbps, and i just bought a new belkin n600 duel band usb wireless adaptor! Dont really know if im saying it correctly, but my router im connecting to is an 802.11g and my new usb is a 802.11n. Please help. i got the usb because i moved to a new house and where my computer was i was getting basically NO signal from the router; i believed my internall desktop wireless card was too old. i just did a system recovery on my windows vista and the first thing i installed was my usb… so it should all be perfect right? all restored to factory settings..

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    802.11g is an older technology that 802.11n. First of all make sure that your usb wireless n adapter is backwards compatible with g. (You may want to consider upgrading your g router to an n as well.)

    I believe according to the model you gave me above that it is compatible and runs in 2.4. GHz and 5 GHz. Find out which mode your wireless G router runs in and disable the secondary mode on your usb adapter. (It can usually be found in control panel>network settings>properties of the network adapter.)

    Also if you are living in an apartment or multi family home you will also want to check to see what channel your wireless is running on. It may be interferring with another wireless in the area. This can also be changed in the properties of the usb adapter. You may also need to test settings several times to find what channel works best.

    If you need more assistance please let me know. Thanks.

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    First, since you’re in a new house the issue could be with your internet service provider. I suggest performing an Internet speed test with a computer plugged into the main router via an Ethernet cable and then do another one on your computer to see if there is a big difference.