Can I put a GoPhone sim in my 4G Android smartphone from AT&T?

by on September 22, 2011

Q: If I bought a 4G smartphone or android from AT&T, can I put an activated GoPhone sim card in it and will it still work as the smartphone or android phone I bought?

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    If your smartphone or android phone are unlocked yes you can put a sim from another carrier in there. However if it is locked to the carrier then most likely it will not work. You can ask the sales person when buying the phone if it is unlocked or not.

    If you search on amazon for smart phones a lot of times you can find it unlocked.


    Also to mention your 4g signal may be dropped if GoPhone doesn’t support 4g or the same 4g bands as ATT.


    J is right, also if your GoPhone sim doesn’t have a data plan attached to it, at most, you’ll only be able to make phone calls.


    So, if an unlocked 4G smartphone or android phone lets say from AT&T, can use a Verizonwireless sim card? I would like to change the phone(s) to pay as you go.