How come my internet connection goes out every so often for a few seconds at a time?

by on September 22, 2011

Q: Hello. Ever since I moved into my new place and got my internet set up, I’ve been having issues with it. The most common issue is that my internet will disconnect for a split second and reconnect, causing me to lag in games and have to relog into messenger programs. Once in a while, the internet will go out and when I troubleshoot it will say that it could not connect to the DNS or something like that. It’s not only my router because I have tried a hard wired connection and I still have the intermittent disconnects. They happen about every 5-10 minutes and its very disruptive to my gameplay.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

One Response to “How come my internet connection goes out every so often for a few seconds at a time?”

    This is probably a problem that you’re going to need to talk to your ISP about. However, to save some time here are the first steps they are probably going to ask you to do. Do them before you call and you’ll save everyone some time.

    First, check all your connections and make sure nothing is loose.

    Your DSL/Cable modem should have some status lights on it that indicate the status of the connection back to your ISP. If any of these are throwing an error call your ISP and tell them.

    If the status lights are okay or you really can’t tell one way or the other, try connecting directly to your DSL/Cable modem and skipping your wireless router all together. While you’re doing this, try a few different Ethernet cables too.

    If you try all that stuff and you’ve still got a problem, then give your ISP a call and explain everything you did. Hopefully they’ll replace your modem or test your lines and take care of you!