How come I get a blue screen when I try to update my graphics drivers?

by on October 1, 2011

Q: Almost a 4 days ago i got a blue screen and it was something about atikmpag.sys, anyways my pc wasent able to turn on because of it so i formated it with my windows vista cd…
Its working now but when i tried to update my graphics driver to play games i got an bluescreen and i had to format again… 🙁 Im only 13 so i would really like to play games like wow and lol again so if anyone got an solution i would love you !

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    Make sure you’re grabbing the latest and greatest video card drivers from here:

    Check Control Panel > System to see if you’re running 32-bit Vista or 64bit Vista, and download the right ones.

    If you still wind up getting the blue screen, you shouldn’t need to format, just go into Windows Safe Mode and uninstall the bad driver.

    If you’re using the correct and latest drivers from the link above and still getting the blue screen, try doing a google search using the error codes that pop up to see if anyone is having the same problem.


    How do i uinstall the bad driver?


    Installing a new video card driver will automatically uninstall the old one.


      But as fast as i download the new drivers and have to restart for a reboot i get an blue screen and in safe mode when i tried to delete the file atikdmag,sys and atikpmag.sys the system wouldent work…


    Don’t delete files from your C:\Windows folder.

    – Boot into Safe mode with networking support
    – Download the new driver
    – Install the new driver
    – reboot your computer


    But when i go to safe mode and try to install the new driver it cant recongnize my drivers… so it fails…


    Btw would i get blue screen if i bought another graphics card?


    Okay, let’s start over.

    First, what is the make and model for your current video card?

    Are you running 64-bit Vista or 32bit Vista?


    32 bit vista And its an Ati radeon hd 3650.

    lets say i bought a nvidea would i get the same problem if i replaced my graphics card


    Perform these steps.

    1. Boot into Safe Mode
    2. Go into Control Panel> Programs
    3. Double click on ATI Catalyst Install Manager
    4. Select Express Uninstall, and follow prompts to uninstall all features

    5. Reboot your computer.
    6. Download this driver

    Double-Click on the file you downloaded and follow the instructions.


    Unauthorized Download when i click on your link


    Click the download link next to Catalyst Software Suite


    I wont download it cause i will get bluescreen.
    I done the steps before and i know whats gonna wait for me ,,,


    Please follow those exact steps in that exact order. If you experience another blue screen error, I’ll need to know the exact error message and at what step you experienced the problem.

    If you don’t follow the steps in that order and not the exact blue screen error codes, I will be unable to provide you with anymore free help.


    but i dont have ATI cataclyst install manager on my pc?
    How do i uninstall it……


    Is there anything with “ATI” in the name listed?




    Try driver sweeper, follow the instructions on this page: