Is there a way to make sure videos do not get deleted off of youtube?

by on October 1, 2011

Q: As a victim of police misconduct I along with many other victims and organizations use the internet to bring awareness to police brutality. Many videos and media reports are dissappearing as quick as wee, org against police misconduct post them. YOUTUBE is where we see the most information dissappearing

Is their any way to prevent people or the police from deleting the very crime that they commit? Not only do they bully on the streets they are now bullying on the web by abusing their authority and our right to free speech. You assistance is needed and will be appreciated

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    Only YouTube (owned by Google) has the ability to delete videos from their servers. If youtube receives a request to take down a video, and then decides to comply, they can remove the video from their servers and there isn’t anything that can stop them from doing so.

    Your best options are to host the videos on other services but keep posting them on YouTube as well, and bring pubic pressure and awareness to practices of Internet Censorship.

    Contact your local news media, and national media. Most are very interested in running stories about Internet Censorship. The more attention and public awareness you can bring to this topic the better chance you have of making a difference.

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