Why does my router need to be re-set all the time?

by on October 6, 2011

Q: Why does my router need to be re-set all the time?

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    It’s either defective or there is a bug in the firmware. Check the manufacturer’s website for a firmware update for the router. If you are still experiencing problems you should contact the manufacturer for support.


    I updated my firmware. The router is brand new so I doubt it is defective. I took the wireless card out of one of the other computers and so far everything has been working fine. Could there be something with the other computer causing this?


    It being new is a perfectly normal reason for it to be defective, and all the more reason to contact the manufacturer for support/possible replacement.

    If you’re finding that you constantly reset it in order for it to do everything you want, you should e-mail or call them.


    The problem began before I got my new router – that is why I bought it, because I thought I was having router problems. The same problem persists with new router. Contacted server – they replaced my modem and spent numerous hours on the phone with me trying to resolve the problem (once in a while I have to re-set the modem as well). No solutions – I contacted router manufacturer and have spent many hours on phone and chat with them trying to resolve the issue. No solutions. I have tried two different towers – same results. There is one other computer that uses my router and when it is turned off (or the wireless connection is off) I don’t seem to have the problem. So can this computer really be causing the router to go “offline”?


    Thank you for providing this new detailed information.

    Yes, it is possible that this other computer is causing your network problems. As far as what it is about that computer causing the problems here are few things that might be worth trying in whatever order you’d like:

    1. Replace the Ethernet cable going from that computer to your router
    2. Replace the Ethernet card
    3. Make sure that this computer is fully patched for all drivers and software, and that it is free of viruses and spyware
    4. Consider formatting the system and doing a clean OS install.