How come my computer does not recognize its hard drive anymore?

by on October 16, 2011

Q: I have two computers, and one is not recognizing its hard drive. i have the windows xp disks for both. would it be possible to hook computer A’s hard drive up to computer B via usb for a reformat and use computer B to use A’s install disk to reinstall A’s copy of windows, as well as drivers and that stuff?

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    You don’t need to do anything that complicated. The install disks are bootable.

    Here are some basic instructions if you’ve never done a fresh windows xp install. Note that this will wipe your drive. If there was any data on that drive you didn’t backup you might want to hook up the drive to the other computer and pull the files off.

    All that said, if your drive isn’t being recognized at all, there is a good chance the drive is dead.


    I think it is dead then. after trying to reinstall from the disk and it not recognizing it as a hard drive. thanks anyway, though!