How come my computer got so defragmented and how can I stop it from happening in the future?

by on October 16, 2011

Q: I installed 150GB western digital bare metal drive in my Dell Dimension 110 Jan/11. Lately was sluggish though I maintain it and clean it weekly. your site advised task manager to see what’s using lots of resource and I did get rid of Power Suite. Helped a bit but still slow. Last week started getting messages of very little disc space though i had been at 74% free space for months. Discarded 3GB of pix and free space went from 440 to 770MB! Went to defrag and Windows and Win utilities defrag programs BOTH showed the entire disc was totally full of fragments; couldn’t defrag. 2 days later all fragments gone and back to 74% free disc space. What happened and how to keep it from reappearing?

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    Your drive will fragment as files are written to it. It’s normal. Running your defrag utility once a month or should should keep things to a minimum.

    As far as where all that space when for a while, it may have just been some temporary files. I suggest running a full spyware/malware scan just to be safe.

    Also when if the drive does full up again try running which should show you what folders are sucking up lots of space.


    On 10/16/11 11:32 PM, Richard Marvell wrote:
    > Thanks Mark,
    > What made this so unusual was I do regularly defrag and this just
    > suddenly happened witht the defrag graphics from both defrag programs
    > showing virtually all sectors with fragments in them. It was like a
    > supernova exploded and even when I removed 3+GB of pictures to free up
    > some space (I was getting a box saying there was only about 440MB of
    > disc space), the removal of that much GB gave me a total of about 770MB.
    > I also have complete malware and virus scans done every night with
    > Spyware Doctor (PC Tools), Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and Threatfire
    > runs continuously in the background. (None are set to run at the same
    > time). Then just as suddenly the problem went away. I didn’t even get
    > to defrag because I needed 10-15% disc space and only could get 770MB.
    > I’ll use the info you gave and hope this never happens again. I’ve
    > never seen it happen before on any computer I have had.
    > Thanks again,
    > Richard


    Mark, I pasted in above my email reply to the email answer you sent. Then Matt emailed me today to say you geeks can’t see the replies to regular email and so I’m re-posting it here. As i said above, I really appreciate the help and this is a great service you folks provide. Richard


    Mark, I just wanted to say thanks again and especially for the very useful tool,WinDirStat, which you include above. I just installed it and it’s such a versatile tool as a diagnostic tool and a amazing way to rapidly open anything in the computer. The information it gives is excellent. I also took advantage of pdfforge and hope to lay with it soon. richard