Can I use an iPad to get online anywhere I want without a contract?

by on October 22, 2011

Q: I have a Pantech P7040 and Lg gs390.Both are GoPhones. I primarily use them for web browsing and downloading games. I am thinking about getting an IPad, tablet, or something of the sort. I really don’t want a contract! What is this WiFi I thing I hear about? Do you have any suggestions to help me out for what I need?

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    WiFi, is faster than cellular internet service, but is generally only available in small areas where hardware has been purchased to provide it.

    Normally people will buy a wireless router, and then configure wifi on it so they can use a laptop anywhere in their home without needing to be physically plugged into their home’s internet service.

    Wifi is generally password protected in people’s homes to prevent theft of service.

    You may find free publicly accessible wifi service in many coffee shops, libraries, etc.

    iPad 3G service doesn’t require a contract, see this page from Apple for more details: