How do I stop my email from having a spam attachment on it when I send them out?

by on November 14, 2011

Q: how do I get rid of an attachment to all my emails that send ads for Viagra to everyone I email to without me knowing it , when I email someone?

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    What are you using to send email? If you are using outlook you may have a virus on your computer. I suggest doing a scan with Super anti spyware or malwarebytes.

    You may also want to try using your email from the website as well. Lastly if you want to use outlook and the problems are still persisting try creating a new profile in outlook. If you are still having problems your computer may still be infected or have some form of a mass mailer installed.


    I used Malwarebytes Anit-virus software and Norton 360 and ran a full scan and it detected nothing. I took the computer to Business Staples and they told me I need to buy a new computer as the computer is ruined now.

    I cannot afford to buy a new computer laptop as I just bought this one 6 months ago.

    Any solutions to this mass mailer problem in my computer.?

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    For a simple solution, perform a full system restore.

    Your computer isn’t “ruined” unless you physically damaged it.

    If you don’t want to perform a system restore I can schedule a remote service cleaning. I should be able to clean out the infection and hopefully determine how it got there in the first place to help you prevent from having the same problem again.