How come some of my desktop icons have disappeared?

by on November 15, 2011

Q: hi, i have a samsung laptop running windows 7 home premium, recently as in about a month ago,
i shut down my laptop, i started it up the next morning and i found that some of my desktop icons have disappeared including the files within. I have used the command prompt to try and relocate them to no avail.
Is it possible that i may have a virus or a worm on my laptop as it happens quite often since then?

i have tried to do a virus scan with avast! but the scan comes out clean, and i today downloaded the clean up utility from this site, and it showed 6000+ problems, missing dll files, etc.

Could a problem on the os be the cause to the issue of my files disappearing?


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    If you are missing all of them try this:

    What clean up utility did you try to run?


    i used avast! free antivirus, and also used the disk defragmenter, haven’t used the disk cleanup utility.


    The disk cleanup utility you probably downloaded from here was probably from an advertisement. I don’t have any control over those and can’t comment on if they are any good or not.

    I suggest not running whatever you downloaded.


    oh yes that one in the advertisement was the one that detected all the missing dll files and other things, i didn’t buy it, i just ran the scan on it after i downloaded it before i posted my problem, it’s called pc cleaner from a website called
    I’ve uninstalled it on the pc after the scan and deleted the downloaded file. but my issue started before that, and not sure whether I’m sitting with a kind of worm or whether there is an issue with my operating system.

    I was wondering whether i should back up everything and re-install a fresh copy of windows 7 home premium and then maybe see if that fixes the matter?


    If you’re willing to do the reinstall it would certainly give you a clean slate and should almost certainly take care of any issues you have.


    Ok cool, i’ll do that. thank you.