How can I recover my files off an old dead hard drive?

by on November 16, 2011

Q: okay i recently sent in a ?? about my comp. desktop not rebotting even with the boot up disk. Thanks to you guys, someone suggested that my harddrive was dead.. well yes that was the case, now i put new (old one lying around) into my desktop and formatted and reloades wind.xp pro.
??????? now is there anyway of retreivng my files from my dead harddrive to a usb stick or anything.. some files on that harddrive i really need. and how do i do it?? thanks

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    Here are some things you can try.
    1. Remove the drive from the external case and flip it over. You should see a green circuit board. Look at it for signs of burns or damage. Also smell it to see if it smells like burnt plastic. If so you may be able to replace this circuit board for yourself. See this youtube video:

    Also, on that video you’ll notice that the hard drive he is working on has a silver circle on the side of it. This is a sticker. Remove it in a clean environment and examine the inside of the sticker. If there is a lot of debris attached to the sticker, your drive may have suffered a head crash and has major physical damage. If so the data is likely not recoverable at all.