How come I got a “Alert System Battery Voltage Low” warning then I replaced the CMOS battery and now my computer wont boot?

by on November 16, 2011

Q: I have a 5 yr old Dell Dimension E521 running WIn XP Pro, which has worked fine. Have always plugged into a surge protector. A week or so ago, when booting, started getting “Alert System Battery Voltage Low”, but was able to press F1 and boot up. Had to change date/time every boot. Opened PC and tried changing out the little CMOS battery. Problem cont’d but able to boot up OK. Then, LED on front of tower displayed 1 3 and beeped and unable to boot. Tried a number of times. Finally, no more display, no booting, no power, zilch. When plugged in, the Aux Led light blinks in off-white (vs. green) color. Took it to two different techies and they both “overrode” power supply and concluded that my mobo was blown. From what (very) little I know about replacing a mobo, it seems like it is a labor-intensive and time consuming process. My concern is that techies will replace the mobo and the some other problem arises, and so on. Is it worth having the mobo replaced?

Also, since my 17″ monitor and my HP Office G85 (all-in-one) printer are still in excellent shape, if I have to trash the pc, I just want to buy a new tower (with Windows 7 I guess). Do you have any suggestions where (what computer store)?

Also, which mfg makes the best desktops these days…HP, Toshiba, Asus…?

Meantime, I’m using the laptop at home and at work until my pc gets fixed or I get a new one.


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    Given the age of the computer, you’ll be much better off just buying a new computer.

    You existing monitor and printer should work just fine on the new computer.

    There isn’t much difference from one brand to the next. They are all running basically the same hardware and operating system under the hood. Biggest differences are with customer support and how much extra junk software is installed that you need to clean out.

    Check out these well reviewed desktops on

    Apple comes out on top on basically every support and research poll out there. If you want to stick to a computer running Windows, it’s basically a roll of the dice. Every brand has plenty of people that love it or hate it.

    I suggest to take a look at all the major brands read some reviews on the specific model if available and purchase from someone with a very good return policy.


    Thanks a lot for the information!