Where can I find the user guide for my ATI video card?

by on November 16, 2011

Q: I need an install cd for phillips ATI tv wonder pro pci tuner card. Model number FI 1236/w H-3. I desperately need the user guide. I want to know how to record from a video camera to the computer

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    What operating system are you running? The ATI TV wonder PRO PCI Tuner card only supports up to Windows XP. It appears that no new drivers were made for it.

    What is the make and model # of the video camera you’re trying to use?


    I am using XP pro and the computer will be hooked up to a Sony CCD indoor security camera. If I can find the user guide for this video card, I’m sure it will tell me how to record from a video source.


    A small addition to the above information. The camera uses a standard RCA type video output cable to be connected to the computer.

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    Thanks. I found this link a couple of days ago. It is a “Getting Started Guide”. It tells you how to plug the card in and load the software, but there are no User instructions on how to use the software. I have discovered,however, that Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft does the job perfectly. It is a freeware to anyone. Real simple to use. It will record streaming video directly from a security camera and play it back when you are ready.