Is it possible to connect my Wii to a 3G hotspot?

by on November 17, 2011

Q: I’m trying to set up my wii wireless using 3g mobile hotspot. My first question is, is this possible? I have an lg ally, I think the last thing I need is a gateway address or default router number. How would I find this?

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    It appears you’ll need to first root your phone. Just google “LG Ally root.”

    Then download the “Barnacle WiFi Tether App from the android market, there is a “donate” version and a free version, they are both the same.

    After you set it up follow the instructions here for adding the wii to a wifi connection.

    Keep your phone plugged in while you’re using the hotspot mode, it will supposedly eat your battery.


    Thanks, I appreciate the help, I never knew about rooting, it looks like it’s going to come in handy, but I have one more question. It’s asking for my IP address and my gateway address? How do I find these things on my phone?


    Which “it”, the wii or your LG Ally?


    I’m gessing for my LG


    You need to follow the phone setup instructions in my first comment before you would do anything with the wii.

    What is your internet situation at the location your wii is located? Is there no internet access available?


    Well, I followed all of the instructions you laid out above, and the only internet I have is my phone, and an internet card that I plug into my computer into the usb port.


    If you’ve followed the instructions above, I’m assuming that you have rooted to your phone, and installed & configured the Barnacle WiFi Tether App. You’ll need to launch this app and follow the appropriate instructions.

    1. Does the Barnacle App say it is working properly?

    If the barnacle app says it is working properly, you will then need to setup your Wii to use this connection. Go to the page I mentioned above:

    Click on the ‘watch tutorial’ links. When prompted in the tutorial select “wireless”.

    You should never be prompted for IP addresses anywhere.

    If you are getting prompted for IP addresses you’ll need to tell me the exact things your clicking on.


    Yes, it does. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will follow your instructions and let you know how it turns out, thank you.


    Ok, I tried and here is what it said exactly. Error code 51030, unable to find access point. Please confirm ssid and try again. But I confirmed the ssid and it is correct


    This means the Wii is having trouble accessing the hot spot.

    Make sure that ‘skip wifi supplicant’ is checked as noted here:


    I do have that checked


    Unfortunately I am unable to provide any other suggestions.

    If possible try another wifi enabled device to see if it will connect to the phone.

    If you’re still experiencing problems, I suggest reviewing the rest of and posting on the comments sections for additional support if needed.