Is it possible to make an interactive PDF from a scanned document?

by on December 2, 2011

Q: We would like to be able to scan multiple copies of a standard PDF and make each copy an interactive form so that we can apply additional information to the original scanned PDF. I have been able to create an interactive form from this scanned PDF but it would be too time consuming to make each PDF that we scan interactive one PDF at a time. I’m looking for a method to apply this interactivity (properties) to each PDF as they are scanned. All of the PDF’s have the same format it’s just that different data is on each. Thank you for your consideration.

One Response to “Is it possible to make an interactive PDF from a scanned document?”

    I’m assuming that you’ve Adobe Acrobat X Pro or earlier version of it and you can turn your scanned PDF forms in a two way

    1- When you complete scanning your forms you can use LiveCycle Designer to make these forms Interactive but as you described in your question that it is time taking task so you can use 2nd method of turning your PDF/Scanned PDF forms into Interactive PDF forms.

    2- Open your scanned PDF form in Adobe Acrobat X Pro
    i) go to Tools menu
    ii) click at “Forms” menu
    iii) now click at “Create”

    Follow simple instructions and it will be done in a minutes!