Can an email I sent from my iPhone be tracked back to me?

by on December 12, 2011

Q: I sent an anonymous email to a friend’s girlfriend from a fake email account that has no personal information about me or anything like that. It was a non threatening email but contained information i feel this girl had a right to know but was not my place to tell.
Hes now trying to get his computer genius friend to track it and I’m wondering if it could be linked back to me if i sent the email from my iPhone. Any help or explanation would be great!

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    I’m assuming you set up an e-mail account on yahoo or something for single use. In the future I’d suggest using an anonymous email service. (Just do a google search for a list of options).

    Regardless, his friend won’t be able to trace anything directly back to you by the e-mail short of a police search warrant. At most they’ll get an IP address which would, at most, tell them the internet service that was used (AT&T for example), and the basic geographic area (just city and state).

    So, by itself this information is pretty useless unless there is a very limited suspect pool. But I’m guessing all the people that could have potentially sent the email all live in the same area, and most have iPhones with AT&T or Verizon service, any technical information will be pretty much useless.

    All that said you should be A-OK. Delete the account itself and any mention of it on your computer or phone, and don’t tell anyone you sent it.


      I sent it from a fake gmail account that me and my friends set up but already deleted. Thank you this helps so much!