How come sometimes the local WiFi signal is blocked?

by on December 12, 2011

Q: I only have wi fi, no ISP. I have an outside antennae and a couple of indoor antennaes. I connect t non crypted wi fi, and mostly the library which is free to the community. It’s been successful.

Just for the heck of it I’ve tried plugging in my old router without it being connected to anything but the electric outlet. All signals are strengthened but blocked. Sometimes my computer will get past the block and the connection is fantastic. If it’s refreshed there is still a strong signal but no internet.

My question is there a way to keep the signal from being blocked. I just bought the kindle fire. There is available wi fi when the router is plugged in but it can’t connect. We have to go to the library which is 1/2 mile away in order to updat the kindle.

I’ve been searching for an answer for a long time.

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    Can you explain your networking layout? What are these antennae plugged into? Also, has the router been reconfigured as a repeater/bridge?


      I have my 2 desktops that either connects by usb or I disconnect the antennae from the base and screw in the connection leading to the main outside antennae. I’m not having problems connecting to wi fi using either setup. I like to experiment. I wondered what would happen if I simply plugged in the router, just as it was when I purchased it, no reconfiguring of it. I found that all the signals were strong on both desktops and my laptop computer. When we got the kindle I decided to get out the router again and see what happened. It connected to wi fi but there’s an x on the wi fi icon.

      The built-in wi fi in my kindle isn’t strong enough for me to connect at my home. I really can’t afford to go back using an ISP at this time.

      I’ve been trying to figure this all out. All I’ve seen on line is how to set up a router with an ISP etc. None of this applies to our situation.

      There may not be an answer for the kindle as it doesn’t recognize the antennae. At times all the places that I use to connect to wi fi aren’t within range. I thought that if I could solve the problem of the blockage that it would take care of all my problems.

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    Thanks for providing the additional details.

    The reason you’re seeing the X on the wifi icon is because your wireless router isn’t plugged into an ISP’s service. So while your computer shows a strong wireless connection to the router, your data doesn’t have anywhere else to go!