How come I get an error noise when I move my laptop?

by on December 15, 2011

Q: I have a DELL Inspiron N5010. I find this laptop to be somewhat wimpy and not well built, and every time I move it or the screen moves, I get an error noise that goes off at the slightest movement–be it a movement I made of my own, i.e., moving the screen, or a movement, for example, on the desk/table where I am working, which then makes the screen move, which then makes the error noise. Might anyone have some thoughts on this situation? I talked to DELL support just prior to my one-year warranty ending a few days ago, but they deal only with hardware and hard drive support. We ran the hard drive diagnostics and they were fine. Therefore, could this be a software issue, and if so, where do I begin checking? Thank you in advance.

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    If you mute the laptop speakers do you still get this error sound?


    No. When I mute sound, nothing can make a sound, therefore, in that case, I don’t see how I would be able to hear it. But, it happens when I move it forward, backward, and I don’t know why, except to say I do find this laptop, as I said, not sturdy enough. The sound I get is three consecutive tones, high to low, if that helps.

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    Follow the instructions on this site to create a bootable Ubuntu disk:

    Ubuntu is an operating system, like Windows, however one nice feature is that you can still use it without having to install it on your harddrive. So you’ll select the ‘Try It’ option.

    Once you have your computer booted and running Ubunutu, move the computer around and see if you can get it to make the noise.

    If it is a software problem, you shouldn’t get any of the beeps. If you’re still getting the beeps than you have a hardware issue that you’ll need to talk to Dell about.

    If you do determine it to be a software problem, then I would suggest you backup your important data and do a full Windows Reinstall. Also, if your problem still persists after doing a complete restore to factory settings, then you have a hardware problem.