Will scanning or making a photocopy of a CD damage a CD?

by on December 17, 2011

Q: Hi,
My daughter’s wedding photographer included CD’s with all photographs of the wedding as part of the package we purchased. There is a disclaimer on each of the 3 CD’s which allows us to print any pictures from the CD’s, at any retail printer. I loaded the photographs onto flash drives, and went to a retail store where photo printing is available, and they want to make a photocopy of the disclaimer, which is on the front of the CD. Will scanning/photocopying the CD’s compromise the files that are on them?

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    Making a photocopy of the front of the disk or scanning it wont cause any issues but I would strongly urge you to make duplicates of the CD’s as soon as you can. It might even make sense to get an external hard drive or something else like that to copy all the photos onto as well.

    Also keep in mind that CD’s only last so long so you need to make sure you make new copies every few years.


    I’d go a step further and suggest an on-line storage solution such as http://dropbox.com/