How come my computer does not recognize my iPod Nano?

by on December 23, 2011

Q: I received an iPod nano as a gift, but my Compaq SR 1503 WM computer does not recognize it; neither does the newly downloaded version of iTunes. The iPod is fully charged, and I am using the USB 2.0 in the front of the computer.

I tried the USB ports in back to no avail. I followed the internet troubleshooting guide from Apple to no avail. I have had trouble like this in the past with a Kodak digital camera, but the problem fixed itself somehow. I have not been so lucky with the iPod.

Thanks for all your help. You guys are the best.


3 Responses to “How come my computer does not recognize my iPod Nano?”

    Try the nano with another computer and see if it works there.

    Also, try some other USB devices (thumb drives, etc) with your computer and see if they work properly.

    The results of these tests should help isolate the issue.

    If you just got the nano you should be entitled to free phone support from Apple for a few weeks. So consider giving them a call sooner rather than later.


    I called the Apple tech and he could not help. He said he goes by the same procedure as the online troubleshooting guide.

    I have a gut feeling that I need to do something on my computer–probably click a check box somewhere.

    I disabled all anti-malware programs and followed all the usual suggestions, so I guess I need to find someone who has had the exact problem.


    As per my earlier suggestions, please try plugging your nano into another computer