How come my computer made a loud noise when I turned it on and then it shutdown?

by on December 23, 2011

Q: Hello. Problem: Today morning turned comp on 1st time, LOUD fan(?) noise, got all the way to opening Interent Explorer then just shut down. 2nd try, loud noise, got to Windows startup screen, then just shut down.

Background: –For a few weeks now any online streaming video has been going super choppy.

–Yesterday opened up computer, and found massive amounts of dust. Cleaned up power supply fan and cpu fan. After that comp worked a lot more quietly than it had in the past few years (?). I thought the comp might be slightly faster too, is that even possible from dust cleaning?

–Comp seemed to always have memory usage spikes up to 70-100%, just with internet Explorer on.

–On side of comp it says

HP Pavilion a6228x pc

AMD Athlon 64 x2

Dual core procesor 5200+

—Inside comp from what I remember

4g installed mem

2.2g “usable”?? I dont know…?

3g being used or working or something like that I think. sorry.

Okay, that is all the stuff I know, can anybody help me please? I tried to read up on this and people say cpu fan or heat sink or actual cpu damage?

Please help.

One Response to “How come my computer made a loud noise when I turned it on and then it shutdown?”

    Most computers have safety features to prevent overheating the CPU. Like the engine of a car, a CPU can get very hot when it’s working really hard.

    To prevent overheating the computer will ‘throttle’ a CPU and only allow it to work at a slower speed as it exceeds a high temperature. Eventually that throttling reaches 100% and the computer will shut itself down.

    My guess is that when you cleaned out that dust it allowed the CPU to run at full speed.

    However, some part of the CPUs cooling isn’t functioning right now and the CPU is getting too hot.

    Pop the case open, and turn the computer on briefly and make sure that the CPU fan is spinning. If not, make sure the power lead for the CPU fan is plugged in. (DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING INSIDE THE COMPUTER WHILE IT IS TURNED ON).

    If the fan is plugged in and not spinning, you might need to replace it.

    Can you describe how you cleaned out the dust? Did you remove any parts to clean anything or press hard on the cpu fan?