Can I get a laptop for under $500 that will out last my older Sony VAIO laptop?

by on December 30, 2011

Q: Hi I am thinking of buying a new laptop for under $500 and the hp pavilion g6 recently caught my eye (mainly because of the luminous rose color option). I just want some advice on whether or not I should go ahead and purchase it. (I am a college student studying film, if that helps.) I just want a basic laptop (preferably in pink) that can outlast my old and beloved blush colored Sony VAIO laptop that also performs really well with tasks like entertainment and school work, etc. for under $500. Please help! Thanks!

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    Any computer can last if it is well taken care of. I do not know how long you had your Song Vaio Laptop for but Most HPs I have owned (Laptop and Desktop) have lasted me to about 5-6 years) With that being said the lower cost laptops do no necessarily mean cheap laptops. It just does not have the newest bleeding edge software/hardware installed.

    I would say you are safe looking into the HP Pavilion G6.


      My Sony VAIO lasted me about 3 years, but that’s my own careless ways. However, I like hp but I’ve heard talk about overheating… is that a major problem with hp laptops?Because my last laptop never had that issue (I didn’t even know that was an issue with laptops at all until someone pointed it out) Are hp laptops notorious for overheating? (The G6 is a 15″ so it’s kinda medium in size, if that helps)


        Any laptop has a chance of overheating depending on where it is used. I have had a HP for 4 years now and have had no problems with it. As far as I know HP laptops are not notorious for overheating though.

        One thing I always reccomend is to not use your laptop on your lap or a bed without a hard surface under it. It will block the fans and in some cases shorten the life of the laptop and cause over heating.