How do I transfer recordings from my HD PVR soniq?

by on January 2, 2012

Q: I have a question about transferring files from HD PVR soniq T1000-au to computer.
How do I do it.
i have searched the web for software. nothing
rang the company told me it was never meant to do that
USB stick copies the files onto it but the PC cant open it or see the file format.
tried cables doesn’t work,

I want to keep the files I have recorded on the PVR from the TV
But how do I transfer them onto PC


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    The company appears to have already answered this question for you. The files aren’t playable outside of the system. It does appear that you can probably copy stuff off the PVR you want to keep and then copy it back to the PVR to watch it. Or possibly just get a larger harddrive for the PVR if it supports that.