How come my laptop says it is connected to an unidentified network when I am connected at home?

by on January 3, 2012

Q: My laptop is connected to my home wireless connection. It is showing that it is connected to an Unidentified Network with the Access type: No Internet access. How do I fix it so I have internet access?

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    Do other computers using your home wireless connection work properly? Are you sure you’re connecting to the correct home wireless network name, and not a neighbors?


    Yes I have a desktop and another laptop that both connect to the same network. We verified the network with our internet provider along with the correct Security Key. It connects but says that I don’t have internet access.


    Assuming you’re running Windows 7, try the Network troubleshooter:


      I have tried troubleshooting various ways multiple times and it just says that It cannot Identify the problem Or to investigate the router or broadband modem. But there isn’t anything wrong with them, because both of my other computers are connected to it w/ internet access. In the Network and Sharing Center it shows:

      MY PC: ———– Unidentified ——– X ————– Internet

      It also won’t let me change the network from a Unidentified Public Network to a Home Network.


    I have been told by Acer that it is a Firewall setting, which could be an option, but I’ve tried turning the firewall off, changing what it allows through, turning it back on, turning on the recommended settings, and a couple other things. So is there anything else I can try with the firewall? I have also tried uninstalling the Wireless Network Adapter and restarting the compuer.


    Did the laptop ever work on your wireless connection?

    If it did, have you installed any new software?

    Does your laptop work on other wireless connections (such as your local coffee shop)?

    Does your internet connection work when your laptop is connected with an Ethernet cable?