How come my Internet stops working for my laptop when my desktop goes to sleep?

by on January 5, 2012

Q: I have a Gateway Model GT5694, Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2, AMD phenom 9100e quad-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 64-bit operating system. My wireless is a Linksys model WRT110.
When my desktop is on and not in sleep mode, the internet works fine on my laptop. However, as soon as my desktop goes into sleep mode the internet stops working on my laptop.
I have tried going through setup on the WRT110 with the setup disc etc to no avail. What am I missing-settings in internet options???? My internet provider hasn’t helped. Help!! Thank you!

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    What happens if your desktop is fully turned off instead of put in sleep mode?

    Also, what happens when you have the desktop not plugged into the router?


    If the desktop is turned off, the laptop will not work.
    I don’t have a router as the signal coming in from my provider is wireless and plugged directly into my desktop.


    The “wireless” you’re getting from the service provider I’m guessing is some kind of a 4G service. The “wireless” that your laptop can understand with its built in wireless card (WiFi aka 802.11g/n) operates at a different frequency.

    So your laptop isn’t going to be able to talk directly to the wireless service you’re getting from your provider.

    You mentioned that you have a WRT110 wireless router. What is that plugged into?

    I’m assuming based on what you’ve said so far is that you also have some other hardware you got from your service provider to receive a signal from them.
    What is that plugged into, and how is it plugged in?(Ethernet, USB, etc)



    The WRT110 is plugged into my desktop to send wireless to my laptop.

    The service provider wireless is hooked up from the source by USB directly to my desktop.


    Larry, since your desktop computer sits between your wireless provider’s hardware and the WRT110, it needs to be running, otherwise the wireless provider’s hardware can’t talk to the WRT110.

    Assuming the wireless provider’s hardware has an Ethernet port, you should be able to plug the WRT110 into the provider’s hardware via Ethernet cable, and then plug your desktop into the WRT110 via Ethernet. If setup correctly, this will allow you to use your laptop with your desktop turned off.

    Consult the manual for the WRT110 for additional instructions.


    That makes sense but, my wireless to the desktop receives the signal outside my house and then runs to my desktop by USB. How can I plug the WRT110 into the providers hardware if it plugs directly into my desktop? Do they make a splitter for USB ports, so I could plug both into the splitter? Would that work?


    Your setup would need to look like this:

    If your provider’s hardware doesn’t have an Ethernet port, call them up and ask for different equipment.


    Mark, sorry for the delay. I have a better picture of my setup now. My wireless comes in from outside via ethernet cable to a power adaptor (my provider calls it a POE injector). I have a USB cable that runs from the power adaptor to my WRT110 and hooks into the internet port. I have a USB cable that runs from port 1 on the WRT110 to my desktop.
    The diagram you provided is exactly how my previous provider had me hooked up and my laptop would work fine all the time (even when desktop was turned off).