How come turning on my Toshiba laptop disables all Internet in our house?

by on January 5, 2012

Q: My daughter’s TOshiba laptop shuts down the Internet in our house. The Verizon modem and Belkin router work fine till she turns on her laptop. Then the modem starts blinking weirdly and there is no connection available anywhere in the house. Turn off the laptop and it comes back. Any suggestions?

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    Is this a brand new laptop that never worked right or has she had it for a while, with the problem only recently occurring?

    What version of Windows is installed on the laptop, is it fully up to date, and what anti-virus or other security software is installed?


    The laptop is 1.5 years old. No problems like this for the first year. Windows 7.0, Anti-Malware Malbytes. But remember that the problem is not just that the laptop will not connect. When it’s on, nothing in the house will connect because it disables the Verizon DSL modem (Model 6100G)


    My first guess would be a worm infection of some kind. The the laptop, once turned on, may be pushing so much data traffic over your home network that it is clogging everything up for everyone else.

    Turn the laptop on, right click on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, and open the Task Manger. Click on the Networking tab. I’m going to guess that you should see a ton of outbound traffic happening while you’re just sitting there with the laptop doing nothing.

    Next, click the on the processes tab, and sort the process by % CPU utilization. There is probably something there working really hard. Do a google search of the process name to see what it is.


    Teenage daughter’s laptop. Is running Torrent 3.0, a computer game, ITues at the moment but usually much more. CPU usage is 52%. The computer game is 50 percent alone but it is not online in anyway that I know of. Suggestions?

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    “Torrent 3.0” isn’t a computer game. I’m guessing your talking about this program:

    Try shutting that program down completely, it can eat up a ton of network traffic


    Thanks, I’m testing this now, having turned off Torrent.