Why can’t I load the subtitles in mpc?

by on January 17, 2012

Q: Why can’t I load the subtitles in mpc and I get a creating dx9 allocation error?

I installed mpc in my windows xp sp2 then whenever I play video on it and I get an error:

creating dx9 allocation presenter:
CreateDevice Failed

When I close it the video plays and when I try to load the subtitle I get an error again:

“To load subtitles you have to change the video renderer type and reopen the file.
-DirectShow : VMR7 or VMR9 renderless
-RealMedia: special renderer for RealMedia, or open it through DirectShow
-Quicktime: DX7 or DX9 render for QuickTime
-ShockWave: n/a”

I changed my renderer type to vmr 7 and 9, still it doesn’t change. What should I do?

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    Was there any other way to solve this? Well, I’ll try VLC too. 🙂 I really like mpc because I always use it in my other laptop. I just don’t know why it doesn’t work in that laptop. >.< Thanks for the suggestion! ^^,