Is VoIP a service or a tool?

by on January 18, 2012

Q: Hello, is VOIP a service or a tool to use your computer as a home phone ?
Magic jack is cheep AT&T is selling it as a
service for aprox. 25,00 dollars a month

One Response to “Is VoIP a service or a tool?”

    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. So VoIP is a service much like a phone line or Internet access is a service.

    How you use VoIP depends on where you are getting the service from. If you get your phone service from your cable company then you are using VoIP and they usually set it up so that you can use regular phones. If you use something like Magic Jack then you usually have to have your computer on to make and receive phone calls.

    So just get all the information you can about the service you are trying to get and make sure it will work with the way you want to use your phone.