How can I get my laptop to use the right resolution for my monitor?

by on January 19, 2012

Q: I just purchased a new monitor to use with my laptop. The screen on my laptop does not work properly so to extend my laptop’s life I purchased an external monitor. I have the external monitor setup but I can’t find the correct screen resolution (the monitor is stretching the display). I have tried adjusting the screen resolution but the appropriate resolution is not available. My monitor’s resolution is 1600×900 and my laptop does not show that option. How can I “fit” my monitor to my laptop?


One Response to “How can I get my laptop to use the right resolution for my monitor?”

    Is the problem that your computers number stop around 1200 or 1400? If so then the problem is that the video card in your laptop just cannot support the higher resolution of your external monitor. What you might need to do is try to find an older monitor that supports a lower resolution that the video card on your laptop can handle.

    It isn’t possible to make your laptop do more than it can handle unfortunately.