How come icons with dollar signs appear on my desktop?

by on January 21, 2012

Q: Yesterday, I went to my computer desktop, and it was covered with faded out looking icons with ~$ in front of the name. I deleted them one by one, but now I get one or two whenever I use a program like MS Word.

How do I stop these “ghost” icons from appearing? What are they?

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    If you are using Vista or Windows 7:
    1. Click start menu and click Computer
    2. Click the organize button in the menu
    3. Select Folder and Search options
    4. Click the View tab.
    5. Select “Do not shot hidden files, folder, or drives”
    6. Press OK.
    7. Open a word document and it should not appear any more. (it is a temp file created by word while it is being edited.)

    If using XP:
    1. Open My Computer.
    2. From the Tools menu, choose Folder Options….
    3. Click on the “View” tab.
    4. Select “Do not show hidden files and folders”
    5. Click OK.