How come my computer keeps freezing without an error or bluescreen?

by on January 28, 2012

Q: My pc keeps freezing without any error or any bluescreen with the only way to fix it being to restart my pc. The freeze starts with my sound making funny noises and sounding like its in a tunnel and underwater at the same time. my pc then freezes and I cannot do anything. This happens at random intervals while playing games or when on the internet watching youtube video’s. I have formatted 2 times and loaded different software on 2 different hard drives thinking it could be software related.

I have :
– AMD Phenom II 6 core 1100T
– 8gig Ram
– Gainward Geforce GTX 580 3gig
– Harddrives (all sata)
– Sabertooth 990fx Motherboard
– 750wat Power supply

Please assist, i really payed a lot for these parts.

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    It is possible your system is overheating. Have you verified that the cooling fans are working?


    my CPU runs at a constant 38-41º and my gfx card the same as this usually happens at random while evan watching a youtube vid so my pc would be running really cool at the time


      I think it is virtual impossible for a CPU to run at only 38 degrees celsius. I believe the average temp for a processor is much closer to 70 or 80 degrees celsius. I am not sure where you are getting your temperature reading from but I suspect it isn’t accurate.

      If you do not play video games then I would suggest that your computer gets more of a workout playing video on youtube than anything else you would be doing. Watching youtube videos is very CPU intensive. I suggest watching the CPU usage and RAM usage related to your web browser while playing a youtube video, it is pretty crazy.

      With that said if it just freezes and will not response then you are probably right that it isn’t overheating because overheating usually causes a system to start to run really slow and even shut off but it does not normally lead to it becoming unresponsive but that doesn’t mean it cannot. I think you have determined that it is hardware related though by installing different software so that means the journey is just beginning in that you will have to replace one piece of hardware at a time until it stops happening.


        I think u thinking of Fahrenheit as my PC does run at 38-41º Celsius according to CPU-Z a CPU testing program as well as AMD Asus AI suit II.


          If you convert 41 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit you are only talking about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. It gets warmer outside in the summer than that in most southern states.

          It is possible that based on where the probe is that 38 to 41 Celsius is reasonable but that just seems low to me if your computer is actually doing work.

          I did a quick search and found that lists the average temp closer to what I was suggesting but when I have time later tonight I will look more.


    I have upgraded my power supply to 1000wat modular psu now and have extra cooling in pc, still have same problem