Is there a way to figure out how much time a user spends in Moodle?

by on January 28, 2012

Q: Hello, i’m a teacher and i’m having a problem with moodle (i use it with my studens). That’s why i have a very important (for me and my class) question. Is there any plugin for Moodle (version 1.9.5) that can calculate the time between login and logout, so i can writw down how much time each student spent in moodle?

One Response to “Is there a way to figure out how much time a user spends in Moodle?”

    The problem here is that people don’t have to actually log out. You would need a custom plugin that would look at page loads and keep track of the time or some kind of ajax solution that would fire on the page every minute to let you know they are still logged in.

    My problem with the concept behind this is that it seems that there is some importance put on how much time you spend on the site. Some things come easier to some people than it does to others so while one person might need to spend 10 minutes on something someone else might need to spend 2 hours. So while you probably have a good reason for using something like this I just tend to try to steer away from things like this.

    Your best bet would probably be to find someone that could create a plugin for this for a few hundred dollars or someone might even be willing to do it for free.