Is it safe to give away my DSL modem?

by on February 8, 2012

Q: My friend needs a DSL Modem since his died. I happen to have one that I no longer use/need, since I’ve switched to FiOS. We have the same ISP and I’d like to be able to help. I know this is silly, but is it safe for me to give some one else my DSL Modem?
I know my friend is a good person, but I just want to make sure that anything he may view on his computer using my modem to connect to the Internet, would not reflect on my account’s internet activity.

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    Yes it’s safe for you to give them your DSL modem. No data about internet usage is stored on it.

    Your friend will probably just need to contact Verizon to link the new DSL modem to their account.

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    The way DSL modems work is they use a username and password to authenticate, much like dialup, with the ISP.

    Your username and password, which I assume are no more good because you have different service now, is would be saved on the modem (in theory). I would check the modem to see if there is a “reset” button on it. If there is I would plug the modem in and hold down the reset button for 30 seconds.

    Doing that will clear your username and password. I would only worry about doing that if your username and password might still be good though. Other than that your friend will just have to put in his username and password when he sets it up.