How come my laptop screen looks foggy or cloudy?

by on February 13, 2012

Q: I started my laptop up on 2/10/2012 and it as a foggy cloudy looking thing it looks like it got wet by something, but it has not been near any liquid. What is it? The only thing that i have done to it is use the can air stuff that is made for computers and other electronics to get dust out of it and I use it my keyboard and the speakers.

One Response to “How come my laptop screen looks foggy or cloudy?”

    Do all of the boot up screens appear to be cloudy? (BIOS, WIndows startup Screen). Or is it just cloudy when the operating system is started? Was anything done to the computer that may cause the computer to run differently? Does the cloudyness look like water vapor or does it seem like a Dim screen?