How do I block people from messing with my WiFi?

by on February 21, 2012

Q: How do I block people in my apt building from messing with my wifi, iPhone and iPad?

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    You’ll want to setup WPA2 Encryption. This will require you (or anyone else) to use a password to connect to your wifi connection.

    If you don’t know how to set this up, consult the manual that came with your wireless router. If you can’t find the manual, you should be able to view it on-line at the manufacturer’s website.

    As an extra tip, write down your Wifi password once you set it up and tape it to the bottom of your router.


    Thank you. I have that already. I also have a guest network and I’ve tried to put a password on that but with no luck. I appreciate your help and if you know how I can put a password on my guest network please let me know. Also, since I already have that WPA 2 set up, is there any other way someone could mess with my iPhone / iPad / and computer?


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    Turn off your guest wifi network (consult your router’s manual).

    With WPA2 setup I wouldn’t have any concerns about neighbors messing with the network.