How can I install software from another region?

by on February 28, 2012

Q: Basically, I’m a massive ‘The Sims 3’ fan, and have all the expansions, everything.
In November my old laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525) finally died of old age, and I was given my sisters old one (Acer Aspire 5338) for christmas.
Two of my Sims expansion packs are from Asia, so the wrong region. I didn’t even know about regions when I bought them, and they worked fine on my old Dell, but won’t even install on the Acer!!
Is there a way to unlock the region? Or if I changed the region to Asia to install them, and then changed it back after would they work? (baring in mind my newest expansion, the disk I’d put in to play the game, is from the right region for my laptop)
I also still have the old disk drive from the Dell, if it fits in the Acer, would it play the game or are there other region locks that would conflict?
I know this is a hard one, but pleeeeeeeeeeese! I’ve got serious sim-withdrawels!
(You probably need to know that both laptops run/ran the same version of Windows Vista)
Thanks for any help! xx