Can I get Adobe PhotoDeluxe anywhere?

by on March 3, 2012

Q: My Norton said that my adobe PhotoDeluxe home edition 4.0 was corrupted and asked to uninstall.. I did because I have the disk…. Now I can’t find it anyware…. they have discontinued that version and I love it… where is a good place to get a free download?

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    Assuming that you have a valid license key, I would suggest contacting Adobe to see if you can obtain downloadable installation media for Photodeluxe 4.0.


      everything was deleted… and I don’t know what a valid license key is?


    If you have uninstalled the program from your computer then I am not aware of any way to retrieve the key. The Key/Serial is usually with the install Disc in the cd case. Also, if you registered the software when you installed it last time you should be able to contact Adobe to obtain the key.