How do I connect my laptop to my TV via VGA?

by on March 12, 2012

Q: I have an Acer Aspire 5733 which I want to connect to my LG tv. I used to connect my desktop to the tv, but now ive got a laptop, i thought it would be so much easier, but its not. My laptop has a VGA socket as does my TV. But I cant get the TV to register the VGA cable. Ive tried changing the monitor on my laptop to TV, projector etc but no joy. Ive tried asking about this on yahoo answers but nobody could help me. 🙁

One Response to “How do I connect my laptop to my TV via VGA?”

    Does your keyboard have an option to switch between the screens to enable the VGA function? When I looked up your keyboard model it appears to be the function button and F5 button.

    That should turn on the VGA mode. Then if you go into Control Panel, Display, Screen resolution you should see 2 monitors attached and be able to change the settings.

    If you still have problems please let me know.