What is “InstallBrain Updater Service” in my “Add/remove programs”?

by on March 12, 2012

Q: What is “InstallBrain Updater Service” in my “Add/remove programs”?

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    It appears that this “program” gets installed with another program that you may have installed. It appears to be an ad service program. It should be safe to remove if you are not comfortable with it. I might also recommend to remove it.


    I’m still a little leery of removing it because I read a post that it has something to do with microsoft security updates and my .net frameworks are all messed up and have been for years. Since I have everything working now (without the .net frameworks working properly) I’d like to know for sure it has nothing to do with them. Could you go into a little further detail as to what the “instalbrain updater service” is?