Can I upgrade Windows XP to Windows Vista on my Dell using the the disc from my Gateway laptop?

by on March 13, 2012

Q: Can I upgrade my Dell computer running Windows XP with Windows Vista that I have on my Gateway laptop computer?

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    This may be possible but I do not recommend it as the disk that came with your Gateway is usually tailored for installation of that specific system. Trying to install Vista on your Dell using your Gateway installation disk may cause your system to become unstable and/or not usable. You may also run into licensing issues as well. If you want to upgrade I suggest purchasing the full retail or upgrade version of Windows Vista from a retailer such as so you can ensure that the upgrade will go smoothly.


    I agree with what fletcha said, however you aren’t going to find Vista for sale much at all anywhere, and even if you are, if you’re forking over money for a Windows upgrade, you’re much better off going straight to Windows 7 anyway.

    This is probably your best bet:

    Be sure to consult with the Windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if your computer will have any issues running windows 7:


    As a follow up to Marks note…. Windows XP does not have a direct upgrade path to Windows 7. If you do want to install windows 7 you will need to upgrade to Vista and then upgrade to 7 or backup your entire system, format and install 7, and restore your files to the new OS.


    Ty, I thought so, was thinking of upgrading to windows 7, in doing this…because I bought my computer in 2004, will I have do do any hardware upgrades….or can I just do this on my own at home…I usually do wipe out my drive many times and reload my system disk so my comp can run better once every 2 years or so….piece of cake for me.