What is the hard disk spec for?

by on March 13, 2012

Q: Why is there a minimum *hard disk*?
Just wondering, but what is the hard disk spec for? I see a lot of games (AION for example) that write for it, but it doesn’t really hit it? AION says a minimum of 30gb hard disc, but it only takes up 16GB when you install everything including patches? So what is the extra 14 for?

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    Put yourself in their shoes, you don’t know how big the game is going to get with regards to patches, updates, etc. It’s simple enough to round up and prevent people from complaining when they have really tiny hard drives.

    That extra free space on your drive will get used as temp storage when running AION and other games/applications. You need to keep a few gigs free on your harddrive in general, or you’re going to run into performance problems.