How come sound from Flash no longer works after I recovered my computer?

by on March 14, 2012

Q: My computer was taken over about a year ago with one of those rogues that tell you to pay for their software for virus protection and they are the ones that highjacked you. So I go into safe mode and recover my use of my computer with one exception, I cannot get sound back to adobe. Anything that uses flashplayer, will not play sound. No you tube and any thing else. Sound does play on other media devices, but not flashplayer. I tried more than once uninstalling then reinstalling flashplayer to no avail. Anybody got an idea? I have to play youtube on my laptop for a year now.

Thank you very much

2 Responses to “How come sound from Flash no longer works after I recovered my computer?”

    What is causing your problem might be completely different than what is causing someone else’s problem so it is difficult to diagnose.

    You can try this answer from youtube and if that doesn’t work I would do a google search for “youtube no sound” and see what others are suggesting.

    Sorry I couldn’t be anymore help but again there are so many solutions it is hard to say “this is the one” without trying a bunch of them.


    Thank you for the response. I will try more things as I read them or hear of them.

    Thank you again.