Will by passing the charging circuit on my viewsonic tablet cause problems?

by on March 14, 2012

Q: I have a viewsonic g tablet that runs on 12 volts. Recently the power connector that is on the printed circuit board stopped making good contact and I have to play with the Jack until I can find a spot where it will charge. I live in Canada and to get it repaired by viewsonic I have to ship it to California and it will probably take a month before I get it back.Here in my town nobody wants to work on it. What I am thinking is to open it and solder a cable with a new connector directly to the battery and bring it out through a hole in the casing. The problem with that is that I don’t know if by doing that I may be bypassing circuitry essential to the operation. Can you give me some advice?

2 Responses to “Will by passing the charging circuit on my viewsonic tablet cause problems?”

    If you go directly to the battery then you can overcharge and kill the battery. The electronics should be acting as the charge controller to make sure it does not get over charged and if you by pass that then you need to add in some kind of charge controller.

    While you might have to wait a little bit to get it back I would personally suggest getting it done the right way, by the manufacturer, vs hacking something together if at all possible.


    Thanks Matt. I decided to by a new iPad instead.