Why wouldn’t my computer start?

by on March 19, 2012

Q: Why wouldn’t my computer start? Power light was on, fan running, but would not start up. I recently installed Firefox 11, and have about 10 add-ons from their site. Right before this problem, I was searching for a how to site and in the suggestions list was a link for Ron Hazleton online. Right after I clicked the link, my computer acted funny and everything stopped responding. After a few hours of powering up and down and hitting ctrl+alt delete and doing windows memory diagnostic, Finally, Startup Repair attempted to repair whatever problem I was having. When it was done, it said it could not repair the problem automatically. I was given a choice to restart, and so I did. So here I am. What the ** happened?

One Response to “Why wouldn’t my computer start?”

    This sounds like something someone has to look at in person to be able to diagnose correctly. Sorry we couldn’t be of any help.