Is there free wesite hosting that can integrate gopayment system?

by on March 24, 2012

Q: which free webpage hosting sites can integrate the intuit gopayment system to be able to sell on ones site(s)? perhaps you know which ones are the best secured ones, and the easyest ones to use?

One Response to “Is there free wesite hosting that can integrate gopayment system?”

    The Intuit gopayment system needs the physical card to do the sale. There is no way to use the gopayment system to do sales online.

    To do sales online you need a merchant solution, which Intuit does provide but you wont be able to do it on a free hosting provider.

    The reason you cannot use a free hosting provider is because you need to have an SSL certificate to protect the information (credit card information) being passed from your customers computer to your site and free hosting providers do not support that. Without that and a few other security features in place you actually become liable for $250k per credit card if the information is intercepted or stole.

    You can get use free hosting if you want to use Google Checkout or PayPal Website Payments Standard. The reason you can use free hosting for these solutions is that all the security and personal information is stored on Google or PayPal and not on your servers and the user is redirected to Google and PayPal when entering this information.

    All that appears on your site is your product information and a “add to cart” or “checkout” button.

    I hope this helps you get started. I would also suggest that getting traffic to your own site is very difficult. You might also want to consider trying to sell your products on sites that already get a lot of traffic like and It is a great way to start out while you are building up your own site as well.