How come I do not get my autogenerated password in my email account?

by on March 26, 2012

Q: Hello
Hope you can help me.
Earler this year my husband and i created an account on an adult site, for a bit of joint fun. This was ok for a while.
However, it has come to light that he was accessing this as a solo pursuit (whihc was against the rules we set!).
Anyway, much heartache later, he claimed to have deleted the account and says he is no longer doing this.
By way of checking, i have recently created two additional profiles (unknown to him) on this same site, and sent him emails, posing as another. The site tells me these were delivered.

The account is still active on the site, and I cannot log into it- I suspect he has changed the password.
1. I have emailed the provider with a password prompt, and the auto generated reply said it would send the prompt to our joint email account (generated for this site).

2. No (password) prompt emails from the provider have landed in the joint email account.
3. None of the ” auto forwarded” emails sent by my alias have landed in the joint account.
4. I have sent a ‘test’ email to the joint account from my work email- and it arrived. So our joint account is functioning.

My question- is it possible to have emails forwarded from a specific site (chat site) to another account, with out them appearing in the original account?
Could there be any other explanation for this occurance

Your reply is very much appreciated
PS I have no access to his computer, it is password protected and it would do me no good to ask him outright- he would lie again.
I have exhaisted my computer knowledge!!!!!

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    Depending upon the email provider/email application that you are using, it is possible to set up a filter or Rule to forward specific email messages from specific senders to a certain email address. This should be pretty easy to find if this is the way that it was done.

    It seems as though he changed the registered email address on the website and unless you can gain access to his computer/that email address I can’t think of any way that you can get into the “Joint” account.