Is it best to leave your computer on or shut it off?

by on April 2, 2012

Q: I have a couple questions. First, is it best to leave computer on all the time, or shut it off daily? It is used mostly in the evenings for maybe 2-3 hrs. (Maybe more on weekends). Second, I used to play games on Wild Tangent. I tried to download a game a couple weeks ago and kept getting an error message. So, I removed the Wild Tangent download app and tried to reinstall it but couldn’t. Now I can’t play my favorite hidden object games. That website was the only one that let me play for free for a long time. Any suggestions????

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    Leaving your computer running 24 hours a day just to use it 2 or 3 hours a day is not the best way to use your computer. If you are going to use your computer again in an hour then leaving it on makes some sense but any loner than an hour it is better to shut it down.

    Hopefully someone else has an idea on the download.


    It is okay to leave your PC on. I work all day and mine stays on almost 24/7. Newer computers usually do not use excess in electricity. But it really comes down to personal preference.

    As for Wild Tangent it is a hard suggestion to make as usually most antivirus/spyware tools pick that up as a threat. you can always try to use this site which has free hidden object games on them.


      After reading Matt’s reply he is correct it does not make sense to leave it on all the time. But it really comes down to personal preference as I mentioned.



        My problem with leaving a computer on 24/7 is that you are making the power supply, motherboard, cpu, video card, cooling fans, etc work 24/7 for no reason.

        The main argument for leaving a computer on 24/7 is that starting up a computer puts a strain on the hard drive when it does its initial spin up. With modern computers the hard drive usually spins down if it isn’t being accessed. if that happens then you are in a situation where you are incurring that strain and making everything else work for no reason.

        So my stance, besides the obvious electrical usage and heat being generated, is that your moving parts (cooling fan on the cpu, cooling fan on the video card, cooling fan in the power supply) will wear out faster if you leave your system on 24/7 than they would if you just had the computer turned on when you needed it.