Can I buy a used motherboard and CPU on ebay to make my old computer faster?

by on April 6, 2012

Q: I’ve got an old-ish desktop running XP with service pack 3.
It’s annoyingly slow when I’m playing games, but I can’t afford a new computer so I’d like to install a different motherboard with a much faster processor.
What I have now is:
Intel Corp D856perl with a Pentium 4 2.6 gHz CPU with a max speed of 3060mHz.
I have 1536 megabytes of RAM installed.

I’ve played around with hardware for years so I’m not afraid of taking the cover off the computer!

Can anyone help me? BTW I’d need to buy the bits second hand on ebay.

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    Yes, you can do this just make sure that all of your current hardware is compatible with the new Motherboard/processor that you will be purchasing especially your memory.

    However, Even though this is possible I would not recommend buying used hardware. Computer hardware is very sensitive to static electricity and being banged around. I would suggest trying to do some bargain shopping and try to score a good deal on a motherboard. You can also find some decent bare bones computers on tigerdirect and newegg.


    Thank you for that advice.
    Would you have any specific reccomendations as to a motherboard?