Can I put my hard drive in another computer to verify that it is the reason my computer stopped working?

by on April 6, 2012

Q: I have a HP Pavilion slimline s3300f an the hard drive quit running in it. ??? Can I take the hard drive out an put it in my Dell Dimension E521 just to see if it is broke or maybe something else is wrong. The HP is my brothers an he let me use it, it quit working while I’ve had it. I feel horrible an need to fix it. What do I do?? Please help!!

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    If you don’t care about the data on the HP then yes you can do this.
    Once you put that hard drive into another computer with dissimilar hardware it will make system changes that will require you to repair the Operating system. If you can give me some of the symptoms of the HP I may be able to point you in a direction of what is wrong.


    Well, since my brother let me use it about a month ago it has always been very loud when the drive would start up. Then it started haven a hard time coming on when I’d turn it on. If you kinda bumped it it would power up after a time or two of trying. Then I moved it from my hose to my b-friends (wasn’t rough with it) an tryed to turn it on. Again after a time or two of trying it came on but the drive never started spinning. Windows wouldn’t come up, just a dark screen an a blinking cursor. It did run some kind of HP system check an the first few test all passed. The last one it did said the hard drive couldn’t be detected. an to put a restore disk in the cd drive. An if the problem kept happening to contact HP help people. I did that but they wanted a arm for a 1 time help an a half a body for a Yr.’s worth of help. I have no body parts to spare!! LOL! I feel horrible about my brothers computer! This kind of thing seems to always happen to ME!!! 🙁 HELP!!! I read to check the plug connections inside, an also that someone had tried plugn the hard drive into another computer. They found out it still worked but not in it’s own computer.. That’s where I got the idea but wanted to make sure I didn’t make thing way worse!! I’m a “BEGINNER” at the whole computer thing but have learned a bit in the last year of having my own first 2 computers. I bought 2 used Dell’s last year. A Dimension E521 an a Inspiron 9200 laptop.